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Dance On The Blacktop

by Nothing

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D. in the chaos
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D. in the chaos If you have depression, social anxiety disorder and you constantly find yourself weeping about your past life, well, this might be the perfect soundtrack for you.
Ps: I'm joking, please, seek help and possibly a psychotherapist and THEN enjoy this astonishing lp.
Favorite track: Blue Line Baby.
Frenchie thumbnail
Frenchie Nothing's blend of shoegaze stand's out as it is way more than just MBV and Slowdive worship. Their sound owes as much to grunge and metal. The shimmering guitars, subdued vocals and gorgeous melodies really dominate.
Carlinhos thumbnail
Carlinhos Great band, excellent mix of powerful music and emotions. Keep doing a great job. Carlos-Puerto Rico Favorite track: Zero Day.
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NOTHING’s third full-length recording, Dance On The Blacktop, is the next chapter in the band’s tumultuous story and like its predecessors, pulls from all corners of life with a focus on the bleak and despairing. Captured by renowned producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile) at Dreamland Studio in Woodstock, NY, Dance On The Blacktop is a stirring collection of songs accentuating the band’s love for all sounds 90s from both sides of the pond; from alternative rock and shoegaze to the realms of pop and post-punk. Across the course of 45 minutes, NOTHING weave together nine tales of heightened confusion, anxiety, paranoia, depression and chronic pain juxtaposed against angelic yet apocalyptic, reverberating walls of shimmering sound. Dance On The Black Top is a fervent, emotional tour-de-force, the sound of a band at the peak of their individuality.


released August 24, 2018

2018 Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Nothing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

People often wonder why Philadelphia's NOTHING are so damn loud. In the case of many artists, the volume stems from a preoccupation with negativity, misanthropy and the human condition, drawn from the band's own personal experiences. In the case of NOTHING, that volume, rather than a selling point, is the only way the band has been able to translate the difficulty of real-life into musical form. ... more

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Track Name: Zero Day
starts the same

Light abandons me
Exhale sky
Swallow vanity
Hostage of
unspeakable mistrust
migration of dust

Blood that binds
Oxygen and time
Rarest plague

Light abandons me
I guess
I wasn’t meant to see
Hostage of
unspeakable mistrust
Empire of rust

Feverish children
In the Lions Den
Gather them all

Empty sky of everlasting misfortune
The Harvest is dead
Track Name: Blue Line Baby
Dear Cambria,
Youre floating up the stream
She asked, “Would you sink with me?”
Pleased to see ya,
But bird watchers stalk the bridge
Beneath where blue line rails begin

Messy Living
I could sleep all day
Itching Wishing
We can find a holy place

See Cambria
Sprawled out on the grass
Clementines inside her mouth
Could you steal a sweet kiss for me
Behind the barren Lehigh tree
Rolling down the hill
It won’t be long
When tomorrow comes
We'll climb out the hole

Dear Cambria,
you’re floating up a stream
Dear Cambria,
Do ya know what I mean?
Track Name: You Wind Me Up
Lay your dizzy head my love
On my faithless shoulder
Be careful not to lean too hard
For I will surely falter

We often cry
But never seem to try

A victim of a hostile smile
Aborted and exhausted
With arms around each others necks
We want to be unwanted

We were sitting in the sun
Smoldering a love
The drugs were never strong enough
To move my heart
I could never learn to change
As death moves in
When I’m dead leave the thoughts inside my brain
Inside my head
Track Name: Plastic Migraine
Blue day,
red cigarettes
First one
flipped up again

Bracing for more fatigue
I wont stand on two feet or fall

Hold my
plastic migraine
Keep it
open again

Bracing for more fatigue
I wont stand on two feet or fall
Fleeting attempt at discreet landfall
Shaking from the caffeine
I cant say what i mean at all

I've hit the wall
Too tired to walk
Too stubborn to crawl
I've hit the wall
Track Name: Us/We/Are
I know it sounds crazy
Theres static in my head
Everything red
Everything red

I opened up a can and cut myself instead

These books make me crave it
There's mold on the bread
Everyone gets fed
Everything gets dead

I wandered through the words I thought I lost my head

And I wonder if we'll stay in touch again
Or have lunch again
I know I won’t be falling in your trap
Cause you’ll be dead
Track Name: Hail On Palace Pier
Lost and found and lingering
Vapor angels climb from sewer holes
Young and dumb and full of tears
Its never a true love until it goes
Souls faded out, kiss to kiss,
blackened eyes, bloody lips and scars
Don't hide your face
The people stare, we never cared

Hollow streets are whistling
Singing songs and marching off to war
Screaming at our childhood
Its clear to see we haven’t come too far
You claw away at night in turn
the night will chew away at who you are
Go back to sleep
Its easier to never see

While the world is keeping all the stars away
We run rampant through the night
Track Name: I Hate The Flowers
Street cleaners
Waking me
Flu infected city
Prostitutes of sleep

Pummeled brain
Late L train
Manhattan rain
Terrible shame

Stop all the clocks in my brain
Clog all the veins and the drains
Build a coffin around this house
Dismantle the sun from the couch

First Ave stop
Fear of fate
Live forever
No escape

Human sound
City voice
Weighing down
Sickening noise

Lost in a dream, but it wasn’t oh well
Shook outta heaven, fell into hell
Track Name: The Carpenter's Son
I don't wanna see
Where we go
Where we go
I don't wanna see
If they grow
I'll never know
I don't wanna feel
Sun and warmth
Sun and warmth
I don't wanna feel
I'm very bored

Sitting on the porch
Living with the flies
Your headlights blind us all
Nothing's a surprise

I don't wanna know
Why Im low
Why Im low
I don't wanna know
Why I'm alone
Always alone

Nothing's a surprise
Track Name: (HOPE) Is Just Another Word With A Hole In It
Funeral blues
Even dirt weeps
Blooming exit
Brought to a freeze

I have never bothered to look
Inside myself
to find myself
On scribbled notes

Every flower
Thinks of me
My pollination
Resembles debris

A thousand faces
Not one could replace
A single soul
Consumed by waste
A thousand mirrors
Reflect disgrace
A house of cards
Engulfed in flames
An off white lie
Thats come undone
Composing suffering
That fall on ears
Of no-one

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