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Tired of Tomorrow (Deluxe Version)

by Nothing

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Ben-Istwood thumbnail
Ben-Istwood Stranded in today
Clawing from the outside
And I'm tired of
Tomorrow on the inside Favorite track: Tired Of Tomorrow.
Mute Carrion Productions
Mute Carrion Productions thumbnail
Mute Carrion Productions It's like your favourite post-rock/shoegaze band suddenly grew some hair on their balls.
Brendan Hobbs
Brendan Hobbs thumbnail
Brendan Hobbs Discovered this whilst browsing the shoegaze genre (as I often do) - an excellent album from start to finish.

I just about 'get' the shoegaze label they've been given, although I wouldn't necessarily pigeon hole them there myself. To me, they seem to nestle somewhere between shoegaze & someone like the Deftones maybe?

They create a sound that most bands seem to have forgotten how to produce: loaded, swamping guitars, underpinned by wonderfully soft & carefully understated vocals. Favorite track: Eaten By Worms.
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Philadelphia's NOTHING return with 'Tired Of Tomorrow', their beautifully profound follow-up to 2014's widely-acclaimed 'Guilty Of Everything'. Recorded over the course of a month at Studio 4 with Will Yip (Circa Survive, Title Fight), 'Tired Of Tomorrow' is a modern, nihilistic take on the triumphant fuzzed-out guitar rock of the 90's, replete with huge hooks and brooding melodies. Much like the events it's based on, the album displays an unparalleled balance of opposites and contradictions, rife with sweet-and-sour themes, downcast grooves, infectious choruses, and blissfully expansive washes of sound. With 'Tired Of Tomorrow', NOTHING have worked the deepest influences of their youth and maturation into a confident, memorable album that is sure to soothe old wounds while simultaneously opening up new ones.


released May 13, 2016

2016 Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Nothing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

People often wonder why Philadelphia's NOTHING are so damn loud. In the case of many artists, the volume stems from a preoccupation with negativity, misanthropy and the human condition, drawn from the band's own personal experiences. In the case of NOTHING, that volume, rather than a selling point, is the only way the band has been able to translate the difficulty of real-life into musical form. ... more


  • Mar 12
    Chicago, IL

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Track Name: Fever Queen
I should know now
That I shouldn’t
Push you away
I put you in a cage
You broke out of it
Too confused to escape
You drank my poison
And I know now
That I shouldn’t
Push you away
Track Name: The Dead Are Dumb
Always try to keep up
Always fall behind
Belly pains
And headaches
Inside you

Isn’t it quite the same
And isn’t it such a shame
Too heavy for the lightness
But weightless in the rain
All our words are wasted

Never fails to fail me
Never say never
Loathing phase
Self-inflicted pain
I’d never
Oh, I’d never
Track Name: Vertigo Flowers
And I hate
Everything you’re saying
It’s all about me

Watch out for those
Who dare to say
That everything will be okay
Watch out for those
Who want to be
Anything at all

They’re coming for me
Track Name: ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
Swallow, corrosive confection
Decay, rotting in your wound
I can, wallow in your filth
I live to

Here we are again
Can someone find a cure because
You know me and you know I am not well
I always knew
Id eventually hurt you

Infection, My bacteria
Always, give you all of me
Old aches, from your new mistakes
Same mistakes

And I will leave you
With a bad taste in your mouth
Track Name: Nineteen Ninety Heaven
See you
So cautiously
Then you
Glide off
So gently

I’m living in a dream world
Life's a nightmare
And I don’t ever wanna wake
I’m living in a dream world
Life’s a nightmare
And I don’t care how long it takes
Track Name: Curse Of The Sun

We need a little more

Waving fools

Made of blood and semen
Piss and shit are we
Never unpolluted
Never coming clean

Use Less
We Are
Track Name: Eaten By Worms
Have a laugh
Were friends until the bitter end
So fry our heads

Chasing breathes
Plastic sheets, puddles of sweat
Leave what you left

Pupils spun
Blessed be the setting sun
It’s load of fun

It’s unavoidable
It’s unattainable
It’s uncontrollable
But you know?
But you know

It’s unavailable
It’s irresistible
It’s educational
It’s recreational
It’s confrontational
It’s inescapable
It’s so practical
Yet so magical
It’s unavoidable
It’s unavoidable
It’s unavoidable
But you know
Track Name: Everyone Is Happy
Defy your solitude
The ghost of you
Is moving through
Climb Ladders
Of your thorns
To reach your rose
Is what I chose
I suppose

Your sorrow
Was empty
But I see
Is still heavy
And praying
Are the same
You’re just begging
And that’s a sin

Tell me again
How you needed a friend

I don’t think of you
Track Name: Our Plague
Water colored fingers
Paint my picture
Interlocking tightly
Candles flicker

Trembling hands of mercy
They will not
Sing for me

Promise I could make it on my own

Throwing flowers at her
My worst behavior
Change my tired patterns
If you could change yours as well

Promise I could make it alone
Track Name: Tired Of Tomorrow
Leaving from LA
Turned into a graveyard today
So the train moves East
Where the mouths of Heaven
Devour me

Stranded in today
Clawing from the outside
And I’m tired of
Tomorrow on the inside

Draped in rusty chains
And the faintest of skin
We’ll still pretend
We’ll take the war to bed
The children will come
Children will go

Sifting through decay
Rejoice if we are allied
But our everything
Is empty on the inside

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